This project ist a sub-project of the website „www.gedichtautomat.de“ – an online publishing project for poetry. The blog is an add-on, intended to provide a quick instrument to publish spontaneous ideas as well as articles and news about writing in general, modern poetry and living poets.

This blog is totally non-political, non-commercial and free of explicit material. Its intention is to comment on up-to-date poetry; and to publish some of it.

All articles in this blog are created originally by Timmo Strohm. All posts and comments by other people will be edited before being published. The right to delete any comments at any time for whatever reason is explicitely reserved.

Any questions or comments may also be sent by e-mail to the blogger (Timmo Strohm) at the address: info@gedichtautomat.de

For more contact information, see: https://gedichtautomat.wordpress.com/impressum/

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